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Ardmore Studio Services

As a Production Hub Studio, Ardmore offers a comprehensive range of first class production and post production services, both on site and through its long term relationships with service providers all over the country. The studio lot is home to a number of specialist companies fully equipped with the latest camera, sound and lighting equipment providing all necessary services with full 24-hour back up.



Camera Equipment

T:  + 353-1 286-0811

F: + 353-1 286-3425


Lighting Equipment

T: +353 (0)1 2812480

F: +353 (0)1 2811856


Movie Extras

This service is provided by LINK DIRECTORY LIMITED T/A Movie Extras and LINK DIRECTORY T/A Casting Zone, Ardmore Studios, Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland. 

T: +353 1 276 9535.




Ardmore Sound has been providing Sound Post-Production services for Film and Television since 1995. We have worked on numerous Irish, UK and US productions over the last 17 years. Based in the Ardmore Studios Complex in Bray, just south of Dublin City, it is the only facility in the country Dolby licensed to produce feature film soundtracks.

T:  +353-1-2865868

F: +353-1-2865871


Production Companies

Either as an official co-producer or production services provider, Octagon Films has long-established relationships with local crew and funders and is a focused team highly motivated to ensure that foreign co-producers and/or incoming productions have a positive experience filming in Ireland.

T: +353 1 276 9528

F: +353 1 276 9471

E: mail us

World 2000 Entertainment Limited is a privately held Irish registered company formed in 1994 to develop, produce and distribute feature and television entertainment for the global market. The promoters have between them fifty years of experience in the American, European and Australian film and television industries.

T:+ 353 1 276 9672

F: + 353 1 286 6810

E: mail

South Wind Blows Productions

South Wind Blows Ltd. was  established in 2006 by Philip King, Nuala O'Connor and Tina Moran who have worked together as a team since 1996 under Hummingbird Productions Limited. The company specialises in live music (Other Voices), entertainment, cultural (Glaoch, Ceiliuradh) and lifestyle programming as well as producing feature documentaries (The Gloaming: From Moment to Moment, Gabriel Byrne: Stories From Home) and films (Silence, directed by Pat Collins).


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