History of Ardmore


In 2008, Ardmore Studios celebrated its 50th Anniversary. It is no exaggeration to say that the studio is the driving force of the Irish film and television industry and is the reason many international producers have brought their big budget projects to our shores. As a creative space, it is a hub of productivity and innovation that provides a sturdy foundation for the world’s best loved filmmakers and their celebrated work.



In May 1958, after years of struggling and campaigning, the Wicklow based studios were opened by the then Minister for Industry and Commerce, Sean Lemass. The Studios have since played host to over 100 films; attracting international directors, actors and producers who have created films that reached audiences far beyond their Irish birthplace.



At that time, the fledgling studios represented an investment of over half a million pounds. Before the studio’s opening, Ireland was confined to location shooting, which would represent only a small part of the completed film. Following the launch of Ardmore Studios - and with Emmet Dalton and Louis Elliman as Managing Directors - international filmmakers began to view Wicklow (with its picturesque coastal landscape and close proximity to Dublin city) as an attractive filming location.

Ardmore Studios

Herbert Road,


Co Wicklow,



A98 C3C6




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