Filming in Ireland



World-class film and television drama is made in Ireland year after year. Ireland offers the most stunning locations and can adapt to accommodate contemporary city life locations, rural locations, recreation of historical scenes and of course world class studio facilities such as Ardmore Studios.


Ardmore Studios has long been established as Ireland’s leading film and television production centre and is uniquely placed to combine top class facilities, a rich pool of talent and easy accessibility to dozens of diverse locations into a fully integrated and cost effective production package.


The most recent production to shoot at Ardmore is Penny Dreadful. This production utilised several of Ardmore’s sound stages to recreate the most exquisite Victorian interiors and used local locations to recreate Victorian London streets.




Irish Sources of Finance



Ireland’s Film Tax Incentive


Alongside this, Ireland offers one of Europe’s most progressive film tax incentives which is guaranteed until December 2020. Section 481 is an investor based tax incentive which delivers up to 32% of qualifying expenditure. 


In 2015 the tax incentive changed from an investor based one to a tax credit and the net benefit to the producer increased from 28% to 32%.



Irish Film Board


Ireland’s national screen agency supports Irish filmmaking from script to screen and offers production and development funds.



Broadcasting Authority of Ireland


The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) through its Sound & Vision Fund offers funding for film and television projects. This fund is funded from a percentage of the Irish television license fee.



Other Tax Information



A tax rate of 12.5% applies to all corporate trading profits. A 25% tax credit can be claimed against R&D expenditure. 




Contact us for more information or for help with your specific project. 

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