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All Ireland Talent - Case Study

The first series of Tyrone Productions’ The All Ireland Talent Show was broadcast in January 2009. The show, hosted by Gráinne Seoige, is an entertainment show that aims to discover Ireland’s most talented groups and individuals in all areas of the arts. A celebrity judge gives guidance to each of Ireland’s provinces as part of the show which sees several rounds of heats before the series’ winning team or individual is crowned.


“When we were pre-production with the first series of the All Ireland Talent Show our big problem was finding studio space for such a long time. RTÉ didn’t have the space to spare and other venues were just far too expensive. Ardmore studios was our only option because it is reasonably priced and because they have a lot of experience in the field so they know exactly what’s required.”Tyrone Productions Managing Director, Patricia Carroll


The show’s auditions and heats have shot in Ardmore studios for the last three series, the last of which had an extended run of 17 episodes. The Tyrone team construct the set for the All Ireland Talent Show in Ardmore Studios Stage C in December and it stays in place until the show’s final episode in March. The team also happily make use of Ardmore’s dressing rooms for their celebrity guests.


“One of the best things that Ardmore offered us was space. With quite a long run of 17 episodes we were allowed to leave our constructed set in Stage C od Ardmore Studios and it was left alone completely and kept secure. We have live auditions every week as part of the show so it was paramount that we knew we could trust that the set and stage would be ready whenever we needed it, which it always was.” Tyrone Productions Managing Director, Patricia Carroll


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