Shooting Commercials At Ardmore


Ardmore Studios has been home to hundreds of commercial shoots over the years and remains one of the largest acoustic sound proof stages for commercial shooting in the country. From macro food and drinks shoots to car commercials, no stage is too small for producers.



"Piranha Bar has worked with Ardmore Studios for over 20 years, and we’re pleased to say it’s still one of our favourite studios to operate out of. With top class-facilities and a team with a can-do attitude, working with Ardmore Studios is always a pleasure.

The professionalism and high standard of care means we will continue to return to Ardmore Studios for our projects again and again." Marc Long



"Over the last 17 years we have shot many commercials in Ardmore Studios. Recent upgrades and the new regime under Siun and Mary have made it a great place to shoot here in Ireland." Gary Moore, Producer Red Rage Films


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Check out some of the commercials below shot at Ardmore Studios recently.




Ardmore Studios

Herbert Road,


Co Wicklow,



A98 C3C6




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